It’s time to have more nutritious food Isn’t it? We’re certain that we need to talk about this now. Today, we’ll draw soup. It is an essential dish for anyone who strives to live a healthy life. It is believed that soup is beneficial in that it begins the digestive process. The soup informs the stomach that it’s time to get going.

We will then begin our tutorial on drawing an easy soup step-by-step!


Step 1

In the beginning, draw the typical horizontal oval. Try drawing very smooth and symmetrical shapes during this drawing class.




Step 2

Make a second line that is curved. As you can see, this line runs in line with the oval’s top you made in the previous step.


Step 3

In reality, it is quite bizarre. In the drawing class on how to draw soup, we spent much of our time sitting and eating the soup on a plate. The next time, we will draw the soup using zero gravity.

We continue to draw the outline of a plate. Then, we draw a smooth semicircle starting from below to create the base part of the dish. If you wish the plate to appear like the shape of a saucer, create a flatter bottom.



Step 4

In this stage, we begin drawing soup. We picked vegetable soup and we made a number of pieces of various vegetables. It is possible to draw soup purée and then add some wispy lines. You can draw pieces of crackers or mushrooms.



Step 5

Make some shadows on the plate. You will notice a little shading on both the inside and the outside portions of the dish. Be aware of the shadows upon the table.


The drawing class will be finished and will have lunch. We’ll eat vegetable soup along with pizza. What are you planning to eat this afternoon? We’re sure it’ll be an excellent lunch. Come back soon to our website!


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