Today, there are a variety of gaming consoles to choose from, but the most popular choice can be seen in the battle between Sony PlayStation and the X-Box. We chose to draw both of the consoles. So, let’s take the requirement of drawing the PlayStation 4. Sony PlayStation 4.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a body of PlayStation in the shape of an elongated three-dimensional rectangle that has beveled edges.

Step 2
Then sketch your outline on the gamepad (visit the tutorial on drawing gamepads to understand how to draw this).

Step 3
Create the lines on the body of the console like in our illustration. Add the buttons to the controller.

Step 4
With straight lines and clear lines, trace lines that outline the entire body PlayStation and remove all unnecessary lines.

Step 5
We now draw all the specifics for the control. Make sure not to be confused with the position and the form of the parts.

The lesson on drawing the design of a Sony PlayStation was not as difficult as it appeared. If you enjoyed this lesson and you like it, then you’ll enjoy our lessons on other consoles for games such as Super Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis).

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