How To Draw A Sombrero Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw A Mockingbird Step by Step

For the first step in this sombrero tutorial, we’ll draw the broad brim of our hat.

This rim will be of an extremely specific shape, and it is possible to draw the top using an wavy, curving line.

The edges will be slightly diagonal and on the lower rims, the bottom will be wavy, but slightly lower that the upper line.

You can draw the reverse of the border by drawing the smaller curve prior to going for the following step.

This contour is quite difficult for drawing. So make certain to reference the image you are drawing from carefully when drawing it so you can draw the contour you’d like.

Step 2 – Draw the top of the hat.
The outline is complete of the sombrero. now it’s time to draw the top of the hat.

Its top can be just as unique as the wide brim, since it’s rather thin and taller than the wide brim.

For drawing the upper section of the instrument, make use of a curved line to draw this curved portion. Top of the cap is a little smaller, but it will still have an incline.

It is possible to complete the drawing by drawing an opening beneath the brim using another curving line. It will then be in step 3 of this tutorial!

Step 3. Draw the first ornamental elements of the sombrero.
The outline of the hat has been done and we are able to spend the remaining steps of this guide in drawing an elegant sombrero design for the hat.

In the beginning let’s focus upon the top portion of the cap. The only thing you have you to do is trace horizontal lines along the top on the top of the cap.

It’s that much for this step, and you’re ready for step 4 in the tutorial!

Step 4 – Then sketch some more attractive elements for your hat.
In keeping with the sombrero design and adding some stripes on the cap.

The next detail will be focused on the brim. as with the top, lines will run along the brim.

But they are much more extensive and darker than those lines.

After you’ve added the accessories, you’ll be able to complete the details and the elements in the next stage in the instructional.

Step 5 – Add the last details to the sombrero’s design.
As we discussed in the previous step of our Sombrero tutorials, the next one is all about finishing the details and components of the hat prior to when you finish it off with a bit of hue.

You’ll also have the option to include your own ideas and elements, but we’ll complete the design first.

To accomplish this, draw jagged lines along the wavy lines traced on the rim you drew in the previous step.

This creates a sort of zigzag pattern, which gives the hat a unique style.

And then you’ll be ready complete the rest that you have created!

There are plenty of exciting ideas to work on These ideas might include sketching a person wearing the hat or the background for it.

Two ideas are all that are available however, what other ideas do you have to finish the story?

Step 6 – Complete your sombrero in the color
Relax and enjoy coloring after you’ve completed this sombrero design.

In the reference image we chose a mix of light brown and some red and green for the various elements of decoration on the hat.

Here are some colors you could use, however you are also free to come up with your own color concepts or even try totally new colors!

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