As you’ve already figured out the purpose of this article is to teach you to draw an AC socket. In reality, there exist many sockets standard across the globe and today we chose to draw a common American socket.

Step 1

The initial step of the instruction on sockets is incredibly easy as we only need to draw an outline of a normal square.

Step 2

Inside the square of the previous step, draw two additional squares. The two squares that are outside are connected to one another in the corners.

Step 3

In the middle, draw a second square. Inside, you can draw two rectangular holes and one semicircle hole.

Step 4

In the last step of the course about the drawing of sockets We will draw shadows within the areas that are marked in the drawing.

We mentioned earlier that today we demonstrated what to draw in an American socket with three holes. However, as you can see that our website isn’t solely focused on drawing sockets, so make sure to take a look at other lessons on We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the lessons.

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