Soap is not just an item that is utilized to wash hands, but also as an aspect of personal hygiene. So whether you use soap to wash or for ACSR, it’s exciting to discover how to make soap.

Step 1
Soap is an extremely simple concept, as it’s really a rectangular bar, and so in the initial step, we’ll outline the shape of a rectangle. Therefore, the first step of the instructions on drawing soap is simple, as we draw a basic rectangle.

Step 2
We can add a few lines like in the example below. The soap will appear more substantial. We chose to design a soap with a rectangular shape however, you can draw soaps of any other shape following the steps in this guide. At this point, the soap you draw should appear like a rectangular brick or block.

Step 3
To make your soap appear more like soap rather than brick, create an inscription on the front of the soap. The inscription is simply “soap”, but of course, you could add the brand name or name of your preferred soap (you already have it, don’t you?). In addition to the wording, you could also add stunning patterns, or perhaps some shade.

Step 4
The last step of the tutorial on drawing soap is to create shadows, which increase the size of the drawing. In addition to shadows that are drawn on the soap’s surface, you must draw shadows on the soap’s surface beneath the soap so that it does not appear to be suspended in the air.

You can create any shape or inscription to give your soap a unique appearance. If you’re interested in learning how to draw, not only the soap itself, but other products, then check out different categories at

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