How to Draw a Snowy Owl

This drawing instruction will help you draw a snowy Owl, a stunning bird that lives in the northern part of our planet.

Drawing this bird is very similar to drawing any other bird. We will discuss the important distinguishing characteristics in the stages below.


Step 1

Let’s begin the drawing instructions on how to draw snowy owls. We will show a head that is a circle and a body that is a large oval.




Step 2

Connect the head and torso using a few flowing lines. Next, draw the silhouette for the tail by going to the lower part of this majestic bird.




Step 3

Next, draw a long straight line that represents the edge of your wing. Next, draw the feathers with short lines. You can also check the proportionality of your bird drawing through a mirror.




Step 4

Next, draw an almond-shaped eye on the head. Next, draw a small beak in the middle of the face.




Step 5

Next, draw the legs. Turn the owl drawing upside down to check its proportions.




Step 6

To draw the sharp claws and toes, continue following the same lines as the previous stage. Some feathers can be depicted at the base of the legs.




Step 7

Paint texture on feathers to make your bird drawing appear more realistic and voluminous. To make your artwork more vibrant, be sure to consider the curves of the bird’s body.




Step 8

Take care to get rid of any construction lines in your snowy owl drawing. To make your artwork crisper, you can also darken any lines.




Step 9

The owl was painted in light gray almost like it was white. Gray was used for the beak and yellow for the eyes. Shadows can be added to give the drawing more dimension.




To give your bird drawing an interesting look, add some details. You can draw backgrounds, trees, and animals.

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