how to draw a snowman

It’s easy to master how to draw an ice-skating figure. In this guide, the team at will teach you how to draw this effortlessly and quickly.

We broke this article down into ten fundamental phases, with each one highlighted in red to make it easier for you to master drawing the snowman. Therefore, gather your most loved art materials such as the pencil and paper or a tablet for graphics and get lost in the fascinating world of art by using


Step 1

Begin with the standard circle. It will then transform into a head. This can be done with the aid of a compass, or without any additional equipment.




Step 2

Create a second circle that will in the near future transform into the body. The circle you draw should be slightly bigger than the previous one.




Step 3

Create the third and final circle. It will be lower than the others and the largest in size. If your snowman drawing is like the one that appears below then proceed to the next step.




Step 4

Use an eraser to wipe off the snowman’s sketch of unneeded guidelines. To verify the proportions, examine your snowman’s drawing by using the mirror.




Step 5

Utilize a triangular geometrical shape to make your carrot face of the snowman. Then, you can use two dots to draw your eyes. Under the nose, you can create an eye in the shape of an arc-like line.




Step 6

It is possible to place a hat or bucket on the snowman’s head We’ve chosen the first one. If you’d like to view the steps to draw a top hat on send us a message about the idea.




Step 7

The neck is where you could show the scarf. Follow the same pattern as our example or create your own unique version that incorporates the scarf.




Step 8

Utilize the five dots to represent the buttons. Then, sketch the arms of the snowman, like the artists from used in the illustration below.




Step 9

Then, take an eraser and clean all other lines. To make the snowman’s sketch stunning and clear, draw all of the lines you need to trace using ink or a pencil that is dark.




Step 10

Paint the snowman’s physique in light blue. The hat could be painted in red and black as well as the scarf in either yellow-red or another color.




We hope now that you’re convinced it’s very simple to learn to draw the snowman with ease. Explore the style of your work of a snowman and draw other specifics. Additionally, check out other guides and areas on to be an artist mastering the pencil as well as paints.

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