Weapons are a fundamental part of our lives, no matter if we are in love with them or not. At we provide a wide range of guidelines for drawing weapons that range from swords and machine guns. There are many lessons on firearms, including rifles, equipped with sniper sight. In this video tutorial, we’ll teach the drawing process for the Scope for snipers which is extremely useful to those who want to draw weapons accurately and with style.


Step 1

We begin by drawing the long cylinder, which will serve as the principal tube of the future Sniper scope. This sketch will form the basis for the sniper scope’s future sketch. The lines drawn in this stage will be light enough for it to be simple to make corrections and eliminate unwanted areas.



Step 2

Then, narrow the middle of the tube as illustrated in the examples of the artists at Then draw two cubes into the middle. The two cubes are used to join the sniper scope onto the firearm. In addition, the particulars for the next stage must be completed using the tiniest of lines.


Step 3

Take an eraser and take away all guidelines that are unnecessary from the sniper’s view sketch. Draw all lines, making the sketch dark and clear. Finish this step by drawing a dial switch. Don’t forget to draw an optical lens in the front portion of your scope.


Step 4

Now let’s make our drawing more detailed and robust. To achieve this, we’ll work using the shadows which should be depicted on the regions depicted in the illustration by the artists from Make the lens appear glazier surface by using a couple of small strokes.


As mentioned earlier there are a vast variety of weapons-related instructions that are included in the category “Weapons” on Make sure you follow this section to master drawing weapons of different kinds and styles. Please share our drawing guidelines with those who would like to master drawing as professional artists.


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