how to draw a sneakers

It’s an easy lesson, and by the end, even the least experienced artist will be able to master the art of drawing sneakers.

The team at provides very easy tutorials, and this one on drawing sneakers is no different. In keeping with our old tradition, we split the instruction into nine simple steps and the new lines that we highlighted the lines in red.

This article is similar to the tutorial on drawing boots due to the way in which all tutorials on boots are the same.


Step 1

In the beginning, you will show the footwear’s foundation by using two ovals. These lines in the first stages must not be dark or solid in order to not make it difficult to add corrections.




Step 2

Now draw the upper portion of the sneakers. We have drawn low sneakers but you could draw more high-end ones as in the classic Jordans.




Step 3

Let’s make our sketch something that resembles sneakers. To achieve this, draw an upper and a sole using just a few lines.




Step 4

Put aside the pencil, and then grab an eraser to erase your sketch of footwear the guidelines.




Step 5

Then, take the pencil once more and cut the socks off of the shoes. Draw your lacing lines. The artwork is getting increasingly like sneakers, isn’t it?




Step 6

Make use of a sequence of lines to create lacing. We have decided to illustrate the parallel lacing. However, you can also show the cross lacing.




Step 7

To make your drawing of sneakers more realistic, you can include edges and lines of design like the artists from in the picture below.




Step 8

Then let’s get an eraser and clean all rules from your footwear’s artwork. Make a sketch of the design to make it clearer and more visually appealing.




Step 9

Let’s paint them today. We’ve decided to go with lighter gray shades however, you are able to choose any color to paint the sneakers.




The creators of believe that the instructions were simple and anyone who reads the instructions could learn to draw sneakers.

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