How to Draw a Snake

This drawing guide will show you how to draw a serpent. This drawing guide is intended to be very interesting as the snake is one of the most bizarre living creatures on the planet. The snake evolved from a limbless creature to an extremely flexible and elastic being. Wild snakes can be silent assassins.


Step 1: Sketch the Outlines for the Head

Draw the head of this beautiful snake. Place a small oval-shaped object with a pointed tip at the bottom. You should plan ahead about where the snake will be located and what shape it will have.




Step 2: Sketch the Snake’s Torso

Draw the outline of the torso. Use straight lines and lots of curves. Although the snake’s body is very elastic, don’t overdo it by making too many bends. It will not look like a wire. You can eliminate errors and inaccuracies by using light lines.




Step 3 – Draw 2nd Line for the Snake’s Torso

Add another line. The new line should be nearly parallel to the one from the previous step. A tail is an exception because in the tail area two lines intersect and form a sharp end. The large curves will cause the snake’s body to thicken.




Step 4: Draw the eyes and nostrils

Draw the features of your snake’s face. Because of the angle, only one eye can be seen and two nostrils. The nostrils appear like a pair of dots and the eye appears like a semicircle that is bound by a horizontal line. It looks very much like a small Lizard.




Step 5: Draw the Snakeskin’s Texture

A snake’s skin has an unusual texture. These smooth, round scales allow the snake ability to glide through the narrowest burrows and gorges. This drawing lesson is in simple cartoon style. Don’t worry about the details.




Step 6 – Delete the Guidelines

Take your drawing tools aside and use an eraser to erase any unnecessary lines from your snake drawing. Darken any lines that are necessary to make your artwork stand out.




Step 7 – Color the Snake Drawing

Let’s start with light green. For the shadows, a darker shade would be an option. Our snake has a visible white glare and a black eye.




These are the basics. If you follow our suggestions, you will most likely know how to draw a serpent. We welcome your feedback. We value your feedback.’s team reads every comment and responds to many.

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