How to Draw A Snail -

How to Draw A Snail

How to Draw A Snail


A lot of animals are always moving, and must be swift to stay in the environment they’re living in. Snails are a different species but they do so in a different way.

The alien-like creatures are available in a myriad of forms and forms, but regardless of their appearance, one thing is certain these creatures aren’t in a hurry!

Due to the intricate nature of their appearance, it could be quite difficult to master how to draw snails correctly.

How to Draw a Snail · Art Projects for Kids


How to Draw A Snail Step-By-Step

1st Step:

In this first part of our tutorial on drawing snails, we’ll start at a small scale! We will draw the two small stalks on the head of the snail, to begin with.

2nd Step:

We will expand your head snail’s drawing during the next step.

3rd Step:

The flat, flat part of the snail is referred to as the foot. That is what we’ll draw in the next section of our tutorial on drawing an animal.

4th Step:

Without an outer shell, an animal will be a slug. So, we’ll begin to add an additional one to your snail drawing in the next step.

5th Step:

The next step is to begin to draw the inside of the shell in this section of our tutorial on drawing the snail.

6th Step:

To finish this section in your drawing snails you are able to draw the spiral you first began drawing at the beginning of this step.

7th Step:

This section of our tutorial on drawing an animal will be about adding the important details prior to moving on to the coloring part that we have included in the guide.

8th Step:

You’ve made it to the end that you’ve completed your sketch and in this stage, you can be the one to show your creativity using your most gorgeous hues! Coco Draw Mama Imelda

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