Hello! Today, we will show that you can draw a picture of blue-skinned individuals but we’re speaking about avatars. We’ll demonstrate what to draw the character of a Smurf. The Smurfs are fictional forest characters made by the fantasist Pierre Culliford. The story goes that Pierre invented the idea of Smurfs after a time when his car stopped inside the forest. Artist, seeking a means of escape, took an excursion in the woods while examining the mushrooms he imagined that inside them could be the incarnations of the fairy people.

Step 1
Let’s first create an image of a diagram. We’ll use only circular sticks. Be aware that the legs and head are flattened and his hands appear like normal balls.

Step 2
If the stickman is in good shape to go, sketch out the facial features and outline the cap that he wears on the head of the stickman. Be aware that the eyes look identical to an inverted eight and the ears are situated just below the eye.

Step 3
Then we draw the hands and arms. hand. They must be round and big. The fingers’ phalanges (except those of the thumb) are very close in relation to one another. Similar to the fingers from Mickey Mouse or Goofy By the way.

Step 4
The head and body are nearly done and we are close to the end of our instruction on drawing the Smurf. The only remaining part is the lower half of the legs and the torso. It is said that this is the most simple procedure, as this is where you just need to draw the band’s lines and then draw the feet.

Step 5
Take off any additional guidelines from the head. Then draw out the final facial lines. Make sure to sketch the pupil into the eyes of your Smurf and draw out the mouth.

Step 6
The same steps are followed similar to the one we did in the previous stage however, with the lower half of the legs and torso – erase the guides and trace away the lines. Make sure to add some contrast shadows, like the one we used in our illustration.

The drawing lesson we gave on drawing the Smurf has ended. If you’d like to know how to draw better, share this drawing lesson with your friends, join our social media networks and share your thoughts in the comments of this article.

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