In this drawing instruction, we’ll show that you can draw a smiley smile. This is among the most simple drawing tutorials you can find on our website.

However smiling faces are the most well-known image of the Internet age. We’re certain that drawing a logo with a recognizable image can help you be confident in yourself and begin with more advanced drawing lessons.

Step 1

We will begin a tutorial on drawing a smiley face. The first step is to draw three lines that intersect. It’s best to draw these lines without the ruler. Remember that this is an important step that will impact the next step. After drawing three lines long and drawing short lines, you can draw them at the ends of each line according to our example.

Step 2

Draw circles. If you are a budding artist and you think that this is a difficult undertaking. In fact, it is not. If you practice regularly drawing geometric shapes that are simple then you’ll have no issue with drawing circles. In this instance, we suggest not to utilize any other tools, and instead try drawing circles using your fingers.

Step 3

Draw two ovals that are vertical. These shapes must be in close proximity to the center of the vertical lines. A diagonal line is an excellent reference point during these steps. In the image below the diagonal line runs across the middle of each circle. It is ideal when you draw the two ovals using any other tools.

Step 4

We will continue to develop this tutorial on drawing an adorable smiley face. We hope you’re not exhausted. These ovals should be in black and contrast. Before doing this, make sure you check the lines of the previous step to ensure that you won’t face any issues in resolving the shapes that you have already filled.

Step 5

If you’re a fan of the book as well as the film about the Watchmen The emoticon is sure to bring you emotional reactions. Therefore, draw a clean curving line. It will appear like a classic famous smile. The lines drawn at starting the sketch lesson will be great to guide you through this process. Be aware of the distance of the line from your eyes and the lower border of your circle.

Step 6

Make sure to ensure that all angles and shapes are in order. Verify that your drawing is symmetrical and accurate. Correct any errors and remove any unnecessary instructions from your drawings. You have done a great job! the most elegant smile!

So, the team from today showed a smiling face. Try to draw the same way as in our illustration or draw other emotions like fear or winking. After a few weeks of practice, you’ll become more comfortable and capable of drawing more complicated things. Please sign up and give us feedback if you wish to help us. Be sure to visit our site to get the latest drawing lessons!


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