Today, we will talk about the drawing process for a smartwatch. It is a regular partner for many sports enthusiasts. A lot of people cannot think of jogging or doing workouts without this device. In truth, we are sports enthusiasts and don’t use these devices. However, we are aware that a lot of you dear readers appreciate and utilize it. This is the reason we designed an illustration lesson on drawing an intelligent watch.


Step 1

The first step is to draw a regular rectangle. In reality, there are numerous designs that are smartwatch models. If you’re creating a smartwatch that has an extended or circular display, sketch this image in the very first step.


Step 2

It appears to be two asymmetrical figures on both the upper and lower sides of the watch.

Step 3

In this process, we need to make a slight curve in the watch’s case. The clock’s back is an attachment. Its contours are smooth and rounded. If you look closely you’ll be surprised to see that a majority of modern gadgets have sleek contours. Apple introduced the style to this. Every iPhone, iPad, and other device featured smooth curves and no corners.


Step 4

We will erase any extra lines on the watch and from the band. Draw two buttons on each face of the watch.


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