In one of the earlier tutorials, we sketched an adorable Red panda which is probably one of the most adorable animals on the planet. We are here to teach you ways to draw the slow loris which is the animal that has been captured on the internet.

Step 1
Create a loris that will sit on the tree. Three ovals are the head and torso of our animal.

Step 2
Then draw out the branch, making the limbs more tan. On the head, sketch out the ears and lines of facial symmetry.

Step 3
Draw large eyes in the shape of the Lord. Then draw the mouth and nose. Join the ovals to form the body. Draw the strong paws.

Step 4
Eliminate all guidelines that are not needed. Create lines that are fluffy, as we did in the illustration. Sketch out the texture on the branches.

Step 5
Let’s begin hatching the darkest of areas. The more awe-inspiring look our beast will get, the more interesting.

It was a drawing lesson that teaches drawing the slow Loris. Are you a fan of drawing animals and would like to know how to draw every living thing all over the world? If yes, then check out the “Animals” category, where you’ll find plenty of drawing classes that are interesting.


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