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How to Draw a Slice of Cake Step by Step

This 12-step guide demonstrates how easy it is to draw a strawberry shortcake in a simplified manga/anime style.


Cake slice drawing step by step

Similar to other tutorials on AnimeOutline, drawing a slice of cake isn’t directly connected to anime. This Japanese small cake is very common in the scenes in which characters are in an eatery or enjoying some sweets. Making a slice isn’t difficult, however, the illustrations and drawing tips included in this tutorial will help make it simpler.

Begin drawing with a pencil, and then draw small liens that you could quickly erase. It is possible to darken them later in the right direction before adding colors.

Step 1 – Draw the Outline of the Cake Slice

Cake slice outline drawing

In this instance, the slices will appear in a 3/4 view, slightly below the level of viewers’ eyes (meaning you’ll be in a position to see what’s on the inside of the cake). This is a great setup since it puts the cake in a place that you will likely be able to see it (such as placed on a table the front in front of you).

Cake slice angle drawing

If, for instance, you draw the cake from one side, without showing the top of the cake, it could appear odd. To allow such a view to taking place, the person viewing the cake must keep the cake at the height of their eyes and gaze directly at one of its sides.

For more information about “eye-level” see:

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To draw the cake, begin by sketching out the primary design of your slice (without any decorations) like in the above illustration. You can intentionally create lines that are a little uneven to look more natural, as the cake slice won’t look perfect in its shape.

Step 2 – Add Some Frosting

Cake slice cream drawing

On the top of the slice, place on top of the slice, a “blob” of frosting that the strawberry will rest on. When viewed from this angle, the shape will appear similar to an oval. Draw it in this way and place it to the rear to the edge of your slice.


After that, erase the portion of the slice outline that’s been covered with frosting.

Step 3 – Draw the Outline of the Strawberry

Cake slice strawberry drawing

On the top of the cream, add the strawberry in the picture (with the bottom of the strawberry pointed upward).

Make sure to draw it directly on top of the “blob” and erase the portion of the outline where the two shapes intersect.

Step 4 – Draw an Outline of the Plate

Cake slice plate outline drawing

Then, add your outline to the plates that the cake will sit on. The angle at which the plate is drawn will look like an oval.

Cake plate proportions

The top of the oval should be flat when compared to its bottom. This means that if you split the plate horizontally the top portion is going to be smaller in comparison to the base.

The purpose behind the drawing in this manner is to illustrate the perspective of objects, which makes them appear smaller as they move towards the distance. Because the top portion on the sheet is further away from the view, it appears smaller.

It is also possible to refer to the earlier tutorial on perspective to learn more about this.

Step 5 – Draw the Details of the Plate

Cake slice plate details drawing

Then, add the rim around the plate, and give it a little bit of an edge, so that the plate appears as if it actually has some weight in it, instead of being thin paper.

Step 6 – Draw the Layers

Cake slice layers drawing

On the opposite side of the slice, draw the layers. In this instance, it will only be two layers of the cake. The space around them is frosting.

Step 7 – Draw the Strawberry Slices

Cake slice strawberry slices drawing

In the middle of the frosting, draw some strawberry slices. Each slice should bear the shape of a fruit that has been cut in half.


Step 8 – Draw the Insides of the Strawberry Slices

Cake slice strawberry slices insides drawing

Inside each strawberry slice, draw smaller shapes similar to the outline, but with sharp edges. Additionally, draw several wobbly lines with different lengths that extend from each of these central parts.

Step 9 – Draw the Layer Details

Cake slice layer details drawing

Make a few hints of pores across the two parts of the cake. Try to make them somewhat random in size, shape, and location.

Step 10 – Finish the Line Drawing

Cake slice line drawing

The line drawing can be completed by adding seeds to the strawberry. You could also draw lines around the seeds to aid in showing how they’re cut into the fruit.

When you’re done, ensure that the drawing is accurate and trace it over with darker lines.

Step 11 – Add Color

Cake slice coloring

To add color to the cake, you can color the dough pieces yellow (with some orange/brown added). The strawberry in the middle is red, and the strawberries are pink, with an outline of red near the edges. It is possible to tint the central areas of slices a light pink. When shading the top strawberry, add a few small clusters of white dots to make an accent. Strawberries have an edgy surface that reflects light. The highlight will aid in revealing a little of the reflective surface. The reason to use several smaller dots rather than one huge one is so that you can demonstrate that the berry has some uneven surface that reflects light.

The frosting can be colored a light yellow, but keep the dish white.

Step 12 – Add Shading & Finish the Strawberry Shortcake Slice Drawing

Cake slice drawing

To finish the drawing, add some basic shading.

In this instance, the light source is over the slice and just behind it, and to the left of the sketch.

This means that the slice is casting a brief shadow over the surface (to the right of the drawn and slightly to the right of the viewers). It is possible to shade this area by using a lighter grey. This implies that the portion of the slice that faces the viewers can be “in the shadow”. This will show the shade frosting it will be more yellow than the frosting that runs along the top.

It is also possible to add shading beneath the cream around the top strawberry, as well as around the lower part of the strawberry as well as the area directly below it.


Also, add a little shadow below the plate (slightly towards the left in the design).

Once you’re done with shading you will be able to draw the Strawberry shortcake Slice.

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As stated at the beginning of the video tutorial, the cake slice isn’t directly connected to anime. But cakes and strawberry shortcakes, in particular, are quite frequent in manga and anime scenes that feature bakeries, cafes as well as sweets in general. Of course, you can employ the exact same methods and styles to draw different types of cakes.

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