How to Draw a Sleeping Dog Step by Step -

How to Draw a Sleeping Dog Step by Step

How to Draw a Sleeping Dog Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Herobrine from Minecraft

Step 1

We can begin by creating two shapes. One is for the body that resembles an egg, the other simple circle which can be used for the head. Draw the neckline.

Step 2

Start sketching out the outline of a dog’s face and head, and then you’ll need to draw the shapes of the ears.

Step 3

Draw your eyes shut, and after which draw the eyes. Then, you can lightly outline the features of the muzzle, the interior of the ear, and the middle of the forehead.

Step 4

Do the job of getting our body to the surface. Start from the front of the neck and before drawing the lines to create the sleeping dog pose. The body is curled and the tail rests on the body.

Step 5

Draw the front and back legs, as well as the feet and pads. Include details on the elbows and thighs as shown here.

Step 6

Complete your puppy’s journey by drawing the stomach, then the front paw and paws and finally, the paw pads. You can erase any mistakes you have made on the way.

Step 7

After you’re done the dog will come out looking amazing as you can see. Bravo, guys! Now all you need to color is.

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