How To Draw A Sleeping Cat Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw a Sleeping Dog Step by Step

Step 1

Begin sketching a sleeping cat drawing a rounded outline of the head. You will then have to draw the facial lines.

Step 2

After that, using facial guides, draw the slanted shape of the eyes. You’ll you’ll draw the nose and lip or mouth.

Step 3

You can now begin drawing the outline that the face and head of the cat will take. As cats rest their heads will drop down, and their ears will appear to spread as you can see here. After drawing their ears, put some fluffy on the middle of the forehead in the same way as.

Step 4

We can now draw the curled-up body of the cat. When drawing ensure that the tail is positioned to face the front of the body once the face is in.

Step 5

The only thing we need to do is draw the toenails eyebrows, outline the toes and then draw the definitions for the eyebrows and the tail body. Eliminate the mistakes you have had made previously.

Step 6

Here’s what your cat sleeping will look like after you’re done. Color your cat in any shade you want.

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