Many of our readers and subscribers want us to develop drawings of objects we encounter every day. We have drawn everyday objects such as an ordinary table or SLEDGE, a sledge or a vase and many more. In this lesson, we chose to go on with the topic and we created a lesson about drawing the sledge.

Step 1
First, take an eraser and using thin lines, draw a rectangle (rather a Rhombus) like the example.

Step 2
With light, slightly curved lines, draw the stanchions and runners.

Step 3
In the beginning, the lines must be clear and dark. With straight lines, trace the top on the sledge.

Step 4
Continue with the lesson on drawing the snow sledge. By drawing straight lines, you can trace the outlines of the boards. The boards must be smooth and roughly identical distances from each another.

Step 5
Lower your position and then using slightly curly lines, draw the stanchions. Be careful, you must ensure that these pieces appear symmetrical and smooth.

Step 6
Draw the runners carefully. Take out all the guidelines that were drawn in the earlier steps. If you’ve done everything correctly the sketch of the sleigh will be beautiful and clean similar to the illustration provided by the artists at

Step 7
Then, let’s add shadows on the areas that aren’t lit in order for the sketch to appear to look more real and three-dimensional. For the effect of making shadows sharper and darker, you can add an additional layer of intricate hatching.

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