How to Draw a Sled Step by Step || Christmas Sled Drawing

You are able to use the simple step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

Begin with drawing an enormous circular shape for toys. Draw two diagonal lines to form frames of the sled. After that, draw the lining of the blades on the bottom as you can see in this picture. After you’ve finished, you can move to the following step.

Step 2

You can see this step is very simple. The only thing you have is to draw the remainder of the sled’s shape and then begin drawing the curly forms of the blade’s details lines. Bring some definition to Santa’s bag before moving forward.

Step 3.

You are now able to draw a bronze outline around the edge of the sled. create more intricate curves for the blade of the sled and sketch the shape of the current box.

Step 4

Make shapes and strips of your candy cane. And then, finish the design of the present box and then add the ribbon. The final thing to do is finish the blade’s shape and then you’re done. This is the last drawing stage, so all you need to do now is to erase all guides and forms that you created in the first step.

Step 5

After you’ve finished the sled will look similar to the one shown above. All you have to do is paint it. I hope that you have enjoyed this instructional video of drawing an animated Santa Claus sleigh step-by-stage.

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