How to Draw a Skull

In the past, the team of demonstrated how to draw the Skeleton We will teach the user ways to draw the skull. This tutorial will be extremely simple, and if you follow the steps of the artists at it is easy to master drawing the skull.


Step 1

In order to construct the cranium, the very first step is to create the basic parts. We’ll start with basic geometric drawings, showing the upper part of the cranium in the shape of balls and the jaw in the shape of a straight line.




Step 2

In the middle in the center of the ball draw a horizontal line that represents the upper edge of the eye sockets. Another, a little lower, depicts a line that is for the lower edge of the sockets. By using several lines, you can show the exact location of the teeth and nose.




Step 3

Let’s look at the specifics Now. With the help of two vertical lines drawn from earlier, draw your eye sockets. Complete this stage by illustrating that nasal concha.




Step 4

Then, using smooth lines, draw the zygomatic bones as well as the other lateral jaws. At the same time draw the top portion of the jaw’s bottom.




Step 5

Now, let’s show our upper teeth. Begin with the front pair of teeth which are bigger than the rest. Next, draw the rest of the teeth.




Step 6

We will now show the lower teeth that are covered in part with the top. Beginning at the next stage, we’ll discuss the last particulars.




Step 7

Armed with an easy eraser, clean the outline of the skull design. Draw the image using ink or pencil that is darker and draw some more lines.




Step 8

Choose the ivory color and color the head. The inner surfaces of the nose, eye sockets, and mouth cavity. Use highlights and shadows in order to give the cranium appear more impressive and attractive.




The team at believe that this instruction on drawing skulls was simple and easy to follow for anyone. Is this the case? Tell us about it in the comment section.

To increase your understanding of the art of depicting skulls, attempt to show the skull in an unfinished scene, placing it in front of a text as well as candles.

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