how to draw a skirt

In one of our previous videos, we from the staff at taught an illustration of the design of a dress in this tutorial we’ll teach the drawing process for an elegant skirt. This is the first part of a series of tutorials that are part of the clothing category. As the title suggests, this lesson will show you how to represent different aspects of clothing.

Like other tutorials in this group, this article on drawing the skirt is very easy to follow. It is comprised of six easy steps, the new lines are colored red.

Step 1

Each item is drawn from simple geometric shapes. The trapezoid is used as the first base model for skirt drawings.




Step 2

Now let’s begin giving our skirt design a more appealing and easily identifiable style. Draw a waistband on the top. Below, show how the lower part of your skirt.



Step 3.

Let’s draw the texture. To create this effect, draw vertical lines as the artists from created on the illustration below.



Step 4

Our skirt design is too abstract It’s time to add more grace. Draw the lower part of the skirt by drawing a smooth line of wavy lines.



Step 5

Then, take an eraser, and use it to rid the skirt drawing of lines. Take a dark pencil or ink, and make the skirt drawing darker to make it appear more substantial and pleasing to the eye.



Step 6

The skirt can be painted in any shade. We chose to go with the delicate pink shade However, the color of your gown may vary from the design created by the artists at




We quickly, but with confidence reached the final part of the tutorial on drawing the skirt. As you will see, it’s very simple to draw the look of a dress.

It is possible just the group at believes this. Tell us your thoughts on the tutorial for drawing the skirt.

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