Hello everybody! We have decided to create drawing lessons for the representatives of different fields and sports. We’ve already taught that you can draw an artist, a doctor as well an artist, an artist, and an artist and Karate fighter. Today, we’re going to teach you what it takes to draw the skier.

Step 1
The skier is in a typical position, he’s moving down the mountain. The head is slightly lower as well as the back and knees are bent slightly. Begin by sketching the head in the shape in the shape of an oval. Then by using a slightly curly line, draw the spine (the neck isn’t visible from behind). Draw the pelvis and chest. When you have completed the step, sketch out the bent legs and arms.

Step 2
Create lines that are symmetrical along the face that crosses the area that is the area of bridges of the nose. Because the skier’s gaze is down, lines will cross just a bit lower than if our skier was looking straight. Then, draw an outline of a bent torso and triangular pelvis. Give volume to legs and arms by using simple geometric designs. in our hands,

we draw ski poles. Under the feet are drawn the skis.

Step 3
We can now begin to work on the particulars. The first step is to use gentle lines and draw glasses, a hat, mouth, and nose. Join the geometric shapes drawn in earlier steps by using smooth lines in order to make the figure of the skier’s body appear more real.

Step 4
We’ll begin to work on the last details. To the top of your head, draw the hat and glasses. Then, a little lower, draw the mouth and nose. Take care to draw the contours of the jaw, face, and cheekbones.

Step 5
Continue to learn to draw the skier. This time we’ll draw the upper part of the body. Get rid of all the guides and draw precisely the body’s shape and arms. Include some folds in the areas of bends. Make sure to sketch an outline for the uniform of your skier.

Step 6
Let’s lower our feet a bit and begin working on the lower part of the skier’s body. Utilizing straight lines that are slightly curled draw the outline of the legs. The legs should appear big and muscular, therefore don’t forget to draw the outline of the muscles visible underneath the clothing. Sketch the skis (which in this perspective appear quite short) and then erase the remaining lines.

Step 7
We need to make it more detailed and realistic. To do this, we draw shadows with hatching. Imagine that light is falling from the upper right-hand part of the sheet so we draw hatching on those areas where light is not falling.

We wish your skier is as beautiful as ours. If you are not satisfied with the final result of your art and want to improve it, just go back to the place that you did not follow since only practice will transform you into a master artist.


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