How To Draw A Sketch Butterfly

There are so many beautiful and amazing creatures in nature that you can admire, both large and small.

There are very few species of all these that display the amazing beauty that butterflies exhibit.

Although these insects come in many shapes and sizes, they have some of the most beautiful and intricate designs you will ever see on a butterfly’s wings.

They are very popular and easy to draw.

You can learn how to create beautiful artwork featuring this amazing insect by reading on.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a butterfly sketch in 6 simple steps.

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a butterfly sketch. We’ll start by drawing the outline of the wings.

To draw each wing, a curve line will be used to create a shape with a small opening on the inner side. These shapes will become wider as they reach outward.

You should try to make these shapes look symmetrical. Once they are symmetrical, we can move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

In the previous step, you drew the top portion of the wings. Now we’ll draw the bottom.

We will do this by adding a smaller, rounded shape at the base of each top section.

Each of these shapes will start near the outer edges and extend inwards to leave a space at their center.

The body of the butterfly will be in this space at the center. We will soon be drawing it!

3rd Step:

We mentioned in the previous step of how to draw a sketch butterfly that we would soon be drawing its body.

We’ll keep our word as we add it now!

Draw a small, rounded shape with two oval eyes at either end of the head. Next, draw an oval shape underneath this to make the central portion of the body.

The legs of the butterfly’s legs can be drawn by drawing six curve lines, three on each side.

Next, draw another oval, long segment for the abdomen. Then, we can move on to step 4.

4th Step:

Now we can move on to the creative part of this drawing.

We will now focus on coloring and designing the wings.

In the guide, we mentioned that it is important to keep the drawing symmetrical. This is particularly true for this decoration.

In the example image, we used circular shapes in top sections with smaller circles.

To create an intricate pattern, we used a series curved lines around these circles. Once you are done drawing these patterns, fill in the bottom half of the wings with the next part.

5th Step:

You are now ready to complete the final details. This guide will show you how to draw a sketch butterfly. You’ll be ready for the last step, which is coloring.

We added more circular shapes to the design, which were surrounded by curved lines in the bottom half of the wings.

You can also copy our design exactly as shown in the example image if you like it!

You can also add your own decorative details to make a new butterfly design.

You can also make a background to make your amazing drawing more dynamic.

What are you going to do to complete this image?

6th Step:

We mentioned at the beginning of this sketch of a butterfly drawing that butterflies are among the most colorful creatures on Earth.

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