how to draw a skeleton

Are you looking to learn what it takes to draw an esoteric Skeleton? If so, with this tutorial, the team at will teach you ways to draw the skeleton simply and fast. This tutorial will be helpful to any artist who wants to comprehend what it is that the body of the human body is constructed.


Step 1

Create three parts: chest, head, and pelvis. Connect these three pieces by tracing the line from the backbone. The length of the torso with the neck must be at least the height of the total of three heads.




Step 2

With simple lines, illustrate the legs and arms. Legs should be slightly larger than arms. The joints should be represented with small circles.




Step 3

Let’s go over the specifics of the sketch of a skeleton. Start by drawing cheekbones, upper jaw as well as the lower jaw. In this phase, we’ll show jaws that aren’t teeth. we’ll draw them later.




Step 4

Then draw the eye orbits. Be aware that they must not be circular. In the middle of your face draw the concha of your nose. Try to replicate the face exactly as the artists from did.




Step 5

With one horizontal and several shorter vertical lines, draw the teeth. After that, using a couple of small and flat squares, show cervical vertebrae.




Step 6

Let’s now move to the chest. In the center of the chest, draw the sternum. On top, draw the clavicles. Then, draw the part of the shoulder visible to the shoulder blades.




Step 7

Now, using a huge amount of curved lines show the ribs. The lower ribs should be less than the higher ones. The chest should stretch smoothly toward the lower ribs.




Step 8

Then, following the model of the vertebrae with the highest levels, draw the vertebrae of that region known as the lumbar. On the lateral portions of the vertebrae, draw those transverse processes.




Step 9

The next step is the pelvis. Be careful to draw the details of the ilium, the ischium, sacrum, and all other parts, just like the artists from




Step 10

Let’s begin making the bones for the arm bones in our skeleton. Begin with the upper portions, i.e. starting with the humerus. The humerus appears like it is as easy as you can get.




Step 11

Then let’s examine the lower portions of the arms. These are made up of two parts. The bone that is outside is called the radius, while the inside is referred to as the ulna.




Step 12

This step will be more difficult as we’ll be drawing the bones of fingers. With neat lines, draw every phalange as the artists from did.




Step 13

Then let’s go to the lower portion and sketch the bone structures of the legs. Begin with the upper portions of the legs, and draw the femurs. Don’t forget to draw the patellas.




Step 14

Let’s now move to the lower portions of the legs. These comprise two bones. They are the outer bone, referred to as the fibula, and the tibia’s inner part.




Step 15

Following the illustration for the palms sketch the feet. Additionally, with the aid of a lot of clean lines, draw all the toe bones like the artists from




Step 16

Put the pencil down and use an eraser by using this tool, eliminate all lines from the sketch. Utilizing a lighter pencil then trace the drawing to make it more detailed and attractive.




Step 17

Then let’s paint it so that it appears stunning and voluminous. The skeleton should be drawn in light beige or ivory. Shadows can make the skeleton drawing more detailed.




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