Good morning, adventurers and artists! Today’s lesson will show you how to draw a skeleton warrior. Many of us have encountered undead skeletons while exploring the caves of movies, computer RPG, or books. Today, we’ll show you how to draw a classic soldier skeleton. The skeleton will be wearing a ragged cloth, gloves, and boots, as well as a long sword, and a wooden shield, and will also have gloves and boots. You can also choose other clothing and weapons.

Step 1
The skeleton of the future figure is always drawn in the first step. Start with the head and draw it in an oval shape. Next, draw the spine and chest. Next, draw the arms and legs. The skeleton will not get any thicker than the other lessons in drawing where we draw alive people (since he is a Skeleton).

Step 2
Let’s start adding details. This drawing lesson is no exception. We always add details from the top. Draw the eye sockets first. Draw them angrier than the eye sockets on a normal skeleton. Next, draw the lines for the nose and bones along the forehead.

Step 3
This is the final step in drawing the skull for our skeleton warrior. Draw the jaws and teeth. To make it more realistic, draw the skull’s shape. We draw the warrior without any headdresses, but you can draw a knight helmet.

Step 4
Continue drawing the skeleton fighter. Draw the outline of the shield using a large circle. As in the example, add some details to your chest. You can also put the skeleton in full-plate armor.

Step 5
This is just a short step. Give the arm of our skeleton warrior some volume. Draw the glove. Draw the blade held in one hand.

Step 6
Do the same actions as the previous step. Sketch the boots and add volume to your legs. In the pelvis area, draw ragged clothing.

Step 7
We will add the finishing touches to this final step in our lesson on how you can draw a skeleton fighter. Add holes to the fabric. Next, draw the ribs and wooden boards as well as rivets for the shield. Next, add details to bones, gloves, boots, and swords. All clothing should look worn and old.

Step 8
We add shadows to the undead fighter. We have already learned that we must first determine from where the light comes. Use crosshatching and hatching to add shadows where the light isn’t falling.

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