How to Draw a Skeleton Key, Key Tattoo

How to Draw a Skeleton Key, Key Tattoo

Step one:

A portion of the designs of the skeleton key look like a stubby or chubby style heart. The first step by drawing an open or fat heart, with an open or empty bottom.

Step two:

The next step you’ll be required to make the openings for the top of your key. The skeleton I was looking to create look distinct, so I created big oblong shapes that kind appear like eyes. The lining is what you want to use.

Step three:

Instead of hollow holes to hold the keys, I decided to go with an Victorian key in the style of the Victorian era and filled with rubies to cover the holes. To draw the ruby-like design, you need do is create the shape of a diamond at the center of the design. This appears to be like pupils. Draw the sharp lines starting from each corner of the shape in the same way as. After you’ve finished you’ll be left with a ruby-like center.

Step four:

The process is almost complete. What you need to do is draw the key’s stem and the “F” end of the design. After you’ve completed the drawing, you can move into the second step since there’s no need to draw anything else on the keys.

Step five:

For the final touch to the design for the lock, you need make is to sketch the vine which wraps around the bottom of the key skeleton and the cute small tip that hangs in the center of the front. Make sure to draw some leaves to fit the idea that is the design of the heart lock. Eliminate any mistakes you might have made in the process.

Step six:

Once you’ve finished, you should have drawn a beautiful drawing of a skeleton key , like the one you see here. Color it to match the concept behind this heart-shaped lock.

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