how to draw a skateboard

The team at is awestruck by skateboarding. In order to show this passion on our site, we have decided to make an instructional video on drawing skateboards.

The instructions on are executed in a simple manner and the tutorial on drawing the skateboard is no different. It is composed of eight easy steps, with the latest lines highlighted in red for maximum convenience and ease.


Step 1

First, depict two straight parallel lines. These are the sides and edges of the skateboard. If it’s difficult to draw these lines, you can employ the ruler.




Step 2

Draw the skateboard’s tips. The tips must be drawn by drawing two lines rounded similar to the drawings of the artists at in the photo below.




Step 3

Utilizing two perfectly round circles to represent skate wheels. The skateboard’s wheels must be perfectly round and of the same size.




Step 4

Join the wheels on the skateboard by using several lines, which act as a suspension in our case. The suspension could be as simple as in our example or perhaps a bit more intricate.




Step 5

Create the side on the table. The line must exactly follow the line that was drawn in the earlier stages. Draw small circles in the middle of each wheel.




Step 7

Take a look at your skateboard design and ours If they’re similar, then move to the next step. Also, you can also draw some kinds of designs on the top of the skateboard.




Step 8

When painting your skateboard, you are able to use any color. We’ve selected the most traditional and classic colors, however, you are allowed to experiment with the color that your board.




Every good thing will sooner or later come to an end. And If you’ve read these lines and followed the instructions for drawing skateboards have come close. If you enjoyed this article check out our other guides to discover ways to draw vehicles, trees, and more.

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