It seems that cats are loved by the whole world today. This is why we have created this guide to drawing a sitting cat. This guide is easy to follow and will help even novice artists. These are only nine steps that will create a cool drawing.


Step 1

Let’s now look at how to draw a cat sitting down. A cat is taller than a human. Let’s show this pose with simple geometric shapes. As in the reference, draw two circles identically and one large, irregular oval.



Step 2

Two smooth vertical lines connect the upper shapes. The outlines of your ears can be added by adding two straight vertical lines. They will look like a pair of triangles. The tail outline is drawn at the end. It should be under the largest shape that you created in the first step.


Step 3

Let’s now draw the face of our cat. This can be done with small, smooth curves. This step is important.


Step 4

This step will detail the cat’s facial features. Close the two curve lines left from the previous step to form the final eye. Each eye has a narrow, elongated pupil. The nose of a cat looks like an inverted triangle. The nose is rounded with three lines.


Step 5

This guide will show you how to draw a sitting cat. We hope this helps. Let’s draw the outline of the inner auricles. It looks like a pair of triangles. We can also outline the mustache with our cat’s help by drawing sweeping straight lines.


Step 6

Let’s draw the fingers of our cat to make it more complete. It appears to be small, rounded lines. It looks more real and cute, doesn’t it?


Step 7

Now it is time to take out all the construction lines left from the previous steps. The cat’s body will appear transparent if this is not done. The contours of the face and body will be made more clear and complete by this procedure.


Step 8

Shadows make any drawing look cooler. In this step, we will create light shadows around the eyes, the lower torso, and the tail. The highlights are located within the contours and eyes.


Step 9

This step is where we get rid of any mistakes made throughout the drawing lesson and add the final touches.


Please let us know if you found this drawing guide helpful. We value your feedback and opinions. We appreciate your feedback.

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