There is a vast array of races that are very diverse in Warhammer 40 000 Universe. We will illustrate the warrior of one of these more powerful and powerful races. As you can see, we are going to show you a drawing lesson where we demonstrate what to draw the Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40 000.

Step 1
We begin by drawing an image of a stickman (in this case, we’ve got the form of a stick woman). On this line, we draw the pelvis and thorax. Utilizing ordinary sticks, we draw the outline of the legs and arms.

Step 2
Then let’s add life to this stickman. The contours are drawn of the neck using the shape of a cylinder that is short and then draw the body making sure to take into consideration all curves of the torso as you see in our image. Then we draw out the legs and arms with the same geometric forms. Also, do not forget to draw two lines crossing on the face. This will aid in drawing the facial characteristics.

Step 3
We have a person who is wearing armor, from the collar to the boots. We will draw the armor at this point. Beginning with the head, we’ll outline the hairstyle and collar. Next, we will sketch the corpus, drawing out armor using normal light lines. On the other hand, we draw the gun in the manner we can see in our image.

Step 4
Therefore, we will draw darker lines from this point. With the aid of these lines, we have to be careful in drawing the contours that define the facial features. Our warrior is an attractive face. In addition, we draw the contours of the face. With the aid of long and curving lines, sketch the hairstyle.


Step 5
In this stage, we will draw armor to protect the body. The first step is to draw the outline of the breasts of females. Following that it is easy to draw an edge line along the shoulder armor. Be aware of that long line running through the entire body, and around the belt.

Step 6
We now draw the finer details for the arm muscles. It is not necessary to draw the joint articulations as well as hand muscles as armor covers these portions of the body. We will draw the contours of the massive shoulder pads and spikes and armor around the arms. Also, we must make the fists as well as Sister of Battle’s guns.

Step 7
Let’s now move to the lower section of the lower body. Be careful when drawing the fabrics that cover the belt and the medial part that are the leg.

Step 8
As a final step, we draw shadows. The darkest parts will be shaded with the aid of transparent and dark shadows. More light-colored shadows can be created using the aid of dense hatching.

This tutorial on drawing the Sister of Battle was an interesting and instructive experience for you, you can check out other drawings tutorials for Warhammer 40000, and you can master drawing the various races of this vast universe.

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