HOW TO DRAW A SINK’s team decided to draw all things related to the home interior. We have already created lessons about the tap, and bath. This lesson will show you how to draw a sink. Although this tutorial is not particularly difficult, we wanted to simplify it as much as possible. We divided the process into five stages and explained each one most clearly.

Step 1
To correctly draw a sink, you will need to first sketch the top line with the aid of a geometric figure, such as the one in the example. For the first stage, use light lines that are almost transparent.

Step 2
It’s not difficult. Draw the outline of the sink’s bottom and inner area, as shown in the image below. Sinks can come in many shapes and sizes, but this illustration shows the most well-known one with a semicircular form.

Step 3
Use very thin lines to sketch the tap. This is the same technique that we used in the previous steps. A faucet with a combined handle was drawn. However, you can draw two handles for cold and hot water.


Step 4
Use very clear lines and dark lines to trace the drawing. Remove any unnecessary guidelines and add the details you need, such as a hole for water drainage.

Step 5
We will finish the last step by adding shadows and glare to the sink drawing using classic hatching. We need shadows to not only emphasize light and shadow but also to highlight the volume of the sink drawing.

The lesson on drawing a sink was over. It is now time to share the drawing lesson with others and to subscribe to us via social media (if you haven’t already subscribed). We are also happy to have you visit our other lessons in drawing, as we strive to make our lessons more useful for you.

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