In this easy instructional video, our team from will teach the viewers ways to draw a rose using a basic sketch.

In the past, we’ve provided you with a variety of methods to draw the rose. On our website, you can find already simple directions on drawing the rose and more intricate ones.

The entire tutorial for drawing roses is divided into ten easy steps. Each step is extremely easy to follow and comes with a brief and clear explanation. Our team is hoping that even the least experienced artist can master the art of creating the perfect rose sketch by following this guide.

Let’s begin the steps on drawing simple roses.


Step 1

Begin by drawing an oval shape for the buds. Then sketch the stem of the rose with an extended and slightly curved line. The lines should be light to allow you to rectify them later on.



Step 2

From here from now, it’s important to draw sharper and darker lines. Then, on the upper part of the bud’s oval trace the outline of the petals’ inner edges. Its outline must be flowing.


Step 3

Then, using a few additional lines, draw lines around the rose petals which surround the petals that you sketched earlier. Don’t attempt to replicate the exact outline but you are able to draw your own design of rose petals.


Step 4

Continue to make flowers. Each row must be bigger than the previous row. Additionally, each new flower should be traced around the petals of the one that was created earlier.


Step 5

Then sketch out the petals’ edges. They must be significantly larger than previous petals. Additionally, the petals that are on the outer edges will be wavier than the rest.


Step 6

Create a smooth U-shaped line that corrects your lower edges of buds. Draw the sepals beneath the rosebud with several curves.


Step 7

Draw the stem using two clear and long lines. Utilize a short Oblique line to draw the lower portion of the stem. To make your sketch appear more natural and convincing it is possible to include thorns.


Step 8

Use an eraser to remove any lines that aren’t needed for your design. With a few curved lines, you can create the twigs alongside your stem.


Step 9

Draw the leaves with only a couple of lines. The leaves and the petals must be wavy in outline. Remember to show the veins of the leaves.


Step 10

Check your sketch against the sketch that our artists have created. Find any errors in your sketch and correct the mistakes. If there’s no mistake and your drawing is like ours or better, this indicates that you’ve achieved a high standard and it’s now time to go on to more advanced tutorials.


To improve your drawing skills, try to draw this gorgeous flower from an entirely different angle. Try drawing an arrangement of roses, or a single rose in the shape of a vase. Additionally, you can include shadows or even color your work. These actions can help you improve your drawing skills and will teach your how to draw roses without difficulties.

The background will make to make your artwork appear more natural. Also, of course, you’re allowed to choose any background. You are able to draw both an interior view of your room as well as a stunning landscape with flowers.

Our team continues to emphasize that the primary thing an artist should be doing is practice. The more frequently you draw the more precise and accurate result you’ll achieve.

If, for any reason, you don’t like the rose design, but you were expecting a different outcome Do not be worried. Try over again, correcting your mistakes earlier. No one has ever been an artist. They are barely taking pencils.

Every great artist starting from Leonardo Da Vinci to Mark Bagley has been the result of years of study and we believe that you could reach extraordinary heights in your art the same way if are not discouraged and draw lots with us.  HOW TO DRAW A SMILEY FACE

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