How to draw a simple goth couple -

How to draw a simple goth couple

How to draw a simple goth couple

How to draw a simple goth couple

Step 1:

Begin by drawing two sticks figures. One for a male, and one for a woman.

Step 2:

The male is to the right and the female to the left. Simply draw their hairstyles on the backs of their heads. He has a long, thick, straight look while she has a long, shaggy one.

Step 3:

To add texture to your hair, curl the ends.

Step 4:

You can now work on the body, starting with the arms. You can also see that they are holding hands.

Step 5:

Continue working on their bodies by drawing the skirt and shirt for the goth girls. Add the stripes to the shirt of the boy and the gloves to the arms of the girl. Draw the back design on her dress.

Step 6:

Draw their legs and shoes.

Step 7:

You can draw a large circle to represent the cave opening or portal opening or draw the rise or fall of the sun. You can also add a tree or one rose bush to the right.

Step 8:

You can create a portal or cave by coloring the sides. This will make it appear like they are in closed space before venturing to another part.

Step 9:

This is the line art. You only need to add color.

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