This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a  simple dog. The steps are simple and realistic.

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a dog with a pencil and paper.

We’ll show you how to draw a smooth dog, beginning with the most basic and general geometric shapes. Then we will move on to the finer details. You will learn how to slowly and systematically draw a complete drawing of your dog on a piece of paper.

Let’s begin by preparing our art supplies.


Step 1

To draw a dog properly, start with the easiest forms first and then move on to the more complicated ones. Begin by drawing the head, ribcage, and pelvis in circles. Next, draw the neck, spine, and legs with simple lines.



Step 2

We will begin adding the basic details to the drawing of a dog by starting with the second step. Sketch the muzzle first. Next, draw the neck connecting the chest and head using two lines.


Step 3

Connect the pelvis and ribcage using two lines more. This will create the outline of the torso. Next, draw the tail like the artists at did in the example below.


Step 4

Let’s add volume to the legs of the dog. Sketch the front legs using the guidelines in the previous step. This step should be very light and almost invisible.


Step 5

Draw the hind legs in the exact same way. Note that the shapes of the hind and front legs are very different.


Step 6

We will begin drawing the dog in more detail starting at this step. Begin at the top of your head and draw the ears. Next, give your neck a neater and more finished look.


Step 7

Next, draw the dog’s forehead and give it a clean and finished look. Draw the nose and long tongue of the dog in the same step.


Step 8

Draw the final details of your dog’s face. First, draw the eye. Next, draw the bottom row. The upper lip covers the top row of the teeth so it isn’t visible.


Step 9

Let’s now go back to the legs and give them a complete view. Make sure you draw the thickenings around the tendon and the fingers.


Step 10

Draw the thickenings around the ligament area gently. As shown in the example, draw the fingers.


Step 11

Draw shadows by erasing all construction lines that were drawn in the initial steps. For the best and most accurate way to draw shadows, refer to our articles on shadow and hatching.


Step 12

Compare your dog drawing to this example to make sure it is accurate. You can correct any mistakes by going back to the original step.


Now it is time to consolidate all the information from this lesson. Try drawing the dog in a different way using the steps above. Next, draw a different breed of dog and create more complicated shadows.

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