In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show the steps to draw a basic cat. We’re confident of this being a well-known lesson since the entire world is fascinated by cats. Cats are adored by many in the world nowadays. We’re hoping you’ve been looking for this information for many years.

Step 1

Therefore, we begin by guiding you on drawing the basic cat. In the beginning, we’ll sketch your cat’s physique with three round forms. It’s a little like a snowman with the most significant portion shifted towards the side.


Step 2

In this stage, we’ll connect the patterns that we created in the previous step with straight lines. Additionally, using the aid of long flowing lines we will outline the front legs as well as the tail.

Step 3

We will continue with this tutorial on drawing an easy cat. It is a good opportunity to draw the most basic characteristics of our cat’s face. With the aid of an oval to mark the eyes. Then, draw the nose and join it to the eyes by using the oblique lines. In this process, we’ll also add a pair of triangular ears.

Step 4

Just a few more details and we’ll have a beautiful cat. We will now add pupils, which appear like diamonds that are elongated vertically, and the inner contours of the ears, as well as the upper section that is the upper part of your mouth.

Step 5

Then we can apply the outline of the toes and the tail. Like the other steps, it is recommended that smooth and rounded lines are needed for this step. You can pick the shape length, length, and location of the beautiful cat’s tail as you like it.

Step 6

This step is required to erase any additional lines created by the previous steps and to emphasize contrasty lines at the end. It is also possible to add textures, highlighters, or shadows to your drawing.

This was a bit of a challenge and involved a lot of time, but it also taught you how to draw a cat that is simple. In the tradition of drawing cats, there are you can learn a few helpful tips. To create more “fur” outlines of the body, draw lines that are short. A second tip is that the initial stages of this tutorial need to be drawn with light lines in order that later on, it will be much easier to remove these lines.

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