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Do you have a favorite type of paper? A pencil and an eraser?

Step 1
Start by drawing the position of your grandfather. The grandfather is shown in the example with his hands on the sides and his head up. He may be looking at the results of his labors, such as just creating matryoshka. The head is slightly tilted down, the hands rest on the hips and the legs are separated from the sides.

Step 2
We begin to draw some facial features in this stage of drawing grandpa. We draw the lines that will guide you in drawing these facial features. We draw the semicircular ears. Our grandfather wears a tank top and shorts.

Step 3
Draw the head of the grandfather and his facial features. Draw the bulbous nose by drawing a single line without lifting the pencil from the paper. Next, draw a pair of eyes. (They look like elongated, slightly rounded, diamond-shaped eyes). Finally, sketch the eyebrows. His hairstyle should be a moveable one, with his mustache covering the entire lower portion of his face. Draw the gloves and arms at the same time.

Step 4
In just two to three strokes, fold the shirt and pants grandfather. Make small dents in the boots. Don’t forget the wrinkles around her eyes of grandpa. We have a wonderful grandfather who is kind and gentle. We are very proud of your execution of this interesting figure.

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