Recently, we’ve drawn lots of different kinds of vehicles including automobiles to aircraft. However, our readers have often requested us to show how to draw different types of vehicles, like space vehicles. So today, we’ve decided to demonstrate the drawing process of the outline of a space shuttle.

Step 1
The drawing lesson is fairly straightforward beginning with the simplest details. Therefore, before we begin we draw the outline for the main body part of the shuttle which is shaped like the shape of a gun. In the past, the first steps should be drawn using gentle lines.

Step 2
To create a drawing that resembles an actual shuttle, we outline the most fundamental details of the body. We begin by sketching out the outline for the window. Then, sketch an outline for the tail and wings of our spaceship.

Step 3
From this point, it is important to be attentive, as we’ll be working on making the drawing final for shuttle components. This is where we meticulously sketch the outline of the body and the windows by using dark and clear lines.

Step 4
In the previous step, we sketched the front of the shuttle. In this step, we’ll draw the back of the shuttle. With the aid of dark and clear lines, we will carefully draw the outline of the tail. Finally, eliminate any unnecessary lines from the reverse of the drawing of the shuttle.

Step 5
This could be the easiest part of the guide to drawing the shuttle step-by-step. This time, using both black and white lines, draw carefully an outline of the shuttle’s wings. After the procedure, erase any unnecessary lines from the drawing before proceeding to draw the shadows.

We are passionate about space and everything associated with space. We’ve already drawn an astronaut as well as many characters from films and books that deal with space themes. You are welcome to suggest ideas for future drawing lessons either in the comments on this article or on our social media pages.

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