How to Draw a Shuriken (Ninja Star) Step by Step

How to Draw a Shuriken (Ninja Star) Step by Step

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw a shuriken, or ninja Star as they are commonly called. It is done in eight steps according to the anime/manga style.

Shuriken drawing step by step

Sometimes, Shurikens are found in historical anime and manga as well as martial arts. Although their designs can vary, they are usually shaped like stars.

This tutorial shows a four-point/diamond star shuriken. (Side view).

If you are not comfortable drawing digitally, it is best to draw the tutorial in pencil. You will eventually have to erase the lines drawn in the previous steps. Please note that the lines used in the examples are darker to make them easier to read. Make sure your lines are not too dark so they don’t leave any marks after being erased. These lines can be darkened towards the end of this tutorial (before coloring).

Step 1: Draw the first set of guidelines for the Shuriken

Shuriken guidelines drawing

You can use these guidelines to ensure that your ninja star is straight and not bent.

Begin by drawing a horizontal line and a vertical one. These lines will intersect to form the middle of the shuriken/ninja stars. These lines should be straight.

Step 2: Draw the second set of guidelines

Shuriken x guide line drawing

Draw another pair (shorter) through the middle of the lines that preceded them. This should create an “X” shape. Make sure the sections between the lines (which look like slices) are the same size.

Step 3 – Draw an outline of the Shuriken

Shuriken outline drawing

Draw a four-pointed star based on the guidelines. This example shows how guides can be extremely helpful. How to Draw an Anime Girl in a Mask Step by Step

Step 4 – Draw the hole

Shuriken hole drawing

This is a simple step. Draw a small hole in the middle of your shuriken.


Step 5 – Draw your edges

Shuriken edges drawing

You can outline the edges of the shuriken by drawing another shape within the main outline. A second, larger circle can be drawn around the hole.

Step 6 – Clean up and finish the line drawing

Shuriken line drawing

After you have completed all the sections, clean up the drawing and erase any guides. After you are done, you can darken the lines. Optionally, you can make the lines that define its main shape slightly thicker than those that define the details.

Step 7 – Color

Shuriken drawing coloring

Make the shuriken a light gray to show it is metallic. This can be done with a regular pencil.

Step 8 – Add Shading

Shuriken drawing

The previous example shows a drawing that looks somewhat flat. You can fix this by giving it some basic shading to make it appear more three-dimensional.

The light source in the above example is from the upper left. This lighting setup will distribute shadows in a manner similar to the one below.

Shuriken drawing shading guide

Remember that the shading in this example is simplified, as it is often in manga and anime. It is important to keep it as close as possible so that it looks real.

You want it to be subtle. You can make one section darker than the other, and the whole drawing will look more like a mosaic than one object.


Shuriken can be drawn in many different ways in manga and anime. As mentioned, they look like a star. Their other name is the ninja stars.

These are easy to draw, especially if you follow the tutorial.

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