Hello, dear artists. Our section “Tools” is quite new on our website and there aren’t some drawing classes that we fill the gap. You can observe in the picture, we’ll show the user the drawing process of the shovel.

Step 1
First, sketch a straight and long line. This is necessary to ensure that the shovel is as smooth and symmetrical.

Step 2
On the upper end of the line, you can draw out the shaft of the shovel as a rectangular elongated shape.

Step 3
The topmost part of the handle is where you make a hand and in the lower area, draw away the knife.

Step 4
The most basic step of the instruction on how to draw a shovel is in which case we have to erase any unnecessary lines.

Step 5
Let’s finish off with a few finishing touches, like an opening in the handle as well as line lines along the shaft, and blade.

Step 6
Add some glares and shadows on the shovel’s surface by using simple hatching.

We hope that your shovel design is like ours. After the lesson, we will offer additional suggestions and this lesson is no different. Take note of the symmetry. This means that the right and left parts must exactly match. If you doubt the accuracy of the symmetry you can simply take it to the mirror, and you’ll be able to see all of the flaws.

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