We are glad to have you here at 3dvkarts. This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a short sword. A short sword is a shorter sword that measures between 60 and 70 cm. Many people are familiar with melee weapons. These swords were often used by medieval knights or by ancient warriors.

Step 1
First, draw a straight line. This will allow us to draw the blade smoothly and straight. Do not press too hard on the pencil. It’s only a guideline.

Step 2
Draw the pommel at the end of the line drawn in the previous step. It can be in the shape of a semicircle or circle.

Step 3
Draw a grip that looks like a rectangle. You can also make your grip convex. The grips of short swords are distinguished by their short length.

Step 4
This step is to draw the guard. It looks like a rectangle. They could be more complicated, but we have drawn a simple one.

Step 5
The most difficult part of the lesson is the blade of a short sword. Make sure the lines are as straight and smooth as possible. The main feature of the short sword’s blade is its length.

Step 6
Draw a pattern for the grip of your sword. Draw the rain guard, and smoothen the line at the center of your sword.

Step 7
Simple hatching can be used to add shadows to your sword. You can also add some glare by using short strokes.

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