how to draw a shirt -

how to draw a shirt

how to draw a shirt

The team at has come up with a variety of tutorials for clothing, and to continue the topic today, we’ll show the user the drawing process for the shirt. Drawing a shirt is an excellent addition to the cap, pants as well as boots sketches. The instructions for drawing the shirt will be extremely easy to follow. It is composed of eight easy steps, each line is painted in red to ensure clarity and simplicity.

In order to begin mastering the art of drawing the perfect shirt, you’ll require your favorite art kit. It is possible to draw a shirt using a pencil on some paper or an electronic pen that is on an electronic tablet.


Step 1

Then, first let’s draw the lines that are auxiliary, with the aid of which we can continue to draw the shirt. Let’s begin by drawing the torso, putting it in the shape of the trapezoid shape.



Step 2

Let’s draw how the sleeves fit on the shirt. We chose that we would draw a shirt that had long sleeves. However, if you follow this instructional guide on drawing the shirt you can draw the sleeves of a shirt that are short.



Step 3.

With a curved line draw the upper edge of your shirt. Then, draw the lower part of the shirt by drawing another curving line.



Step 4

Draw a collar for your shirt on the top. It could look similar to the example created by the artists from or may have a different design.



Step 5

Make use of the two lines to show what is the placket on the front. This is the area of the shirt where the buttons will be placed. Draw the cuffs in the lower portion of your sleeves.



Step 6

Next, use a set of circles to sketch buttons on the bar on the front. Then, draw seams and folds on the armpits and sleeves.



Step 7

Then, use an eraser to take away the guidelines on the sketch of your shirt. For your shirt to appear more appealing and clear sketch your design using darker pencils or even ink.



Step 8

We decided to paint our shirt light blue but you can pick any color you like. To make the look more appealing and impressive it is possible to apply shadows.



Another drawing tutorial was completed. We hope that by making use of this tutorial you will be able to master drawing the design of a shirt. To increase your fashion design skills, head over to the category of Clothing and learn you can draw glasses, sneakers as well as other pieces of clothing.

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