how to draw a ship

In this drawing guide, we will help you draw an actual ship. This is a modern vessel with which you could go for a quick cruise along the river or go to the opposite side of the ocean.

Step 1

First begin by drawing a shape that resembles an elongated triangle. Find this shape in the center of the sheet of paper.





Step 2

Our parachute’s design includes numerous characteristics. For instance, you will notice the nearly complete absence of straight lines on the lower portion of the shell. So, in this phase, we’ll draw lines that are smooth as shown in the image below.




Step 3

To create an outline of the vessel’s front we must draw a second straight line that is curved and smooth on the right-hand side of our drawing. The pattern must not appear uniform.




Step 4

Now we require straight line abilities. In case you feel that you’re not very good at drawing straight lines you could try a class on drawing the table.

We will draw the upper portion of our vessel. The first step is to draw an oval. In the background, we’ll draw some straight lines that look as if staircases.




Step 5

Some additional straight lines. Create an extended rectangle to the top of our vessel. Following that we draw four shorter lines along the length of it into 3 equal parts.




Step 6

We have approximate contours of the vessel’s hull. This means we can draw the contours of ornamental elements. The straight line on the lateral aspect must have the exact curve as the example. This is essential to ensure the correct angle.




Step 7

Two pipes from where the smoke escapes. These structural elements of the ship we will show in this section.




Step 8

Let’s look at the smoke we discussed in the last part. The smoke’s contour is an extremely important element as the direction of smoke reveals the direction of motion of the vessel. In this instance, the smoke is angled backward and it appears as if it is moving ahead.




Step 9

In this stage, you must review the sketch. Check the proportions, the accuracy of the shapes, and the angle. If you don’t see obvious mistakes, then you are ready to move on to the next step.




Step 10

Pick any color you want to ship that you like. We decided to stick with an amalgamation of blue and red. Be careful not to choose too vibrant shades.

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