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How To Draw A Shih Tzu Easy

How To Draw A Shih Tzu Easy

Step one:

Create a circle around the face and head guide in the same way.

Step two:

Then, draw the structure and shape that make up your Shih Tzu. As you can see , these Shih Tzu have super shaggy coats, which implies that the lining of the head and face must be saggy. Draw the tongue and nose. And make sure that you draw the mouth that looks like the shape of a mustache.

Step three:

Draw two eyes in a small shape and then color the eyes. Draw the chin, then some eyebrows.

Step four:

Make a bow with hair as well as the small hair tuft coming from the bow’s knot.

Step five:

For the final touch, create the small pointed ears, and then add details to them too.

Step six:

You can draw the body, starting from the front leg, then the back leg, and finally the fluffy feet. Make sure to add the collar.

Step seven:

Finalize the Shih Tzu off by giving it a curling it into a fluffy or curly tail. Eliminate all mistakes and the guide lines as well.

Step eight:

After cleaning the sketch up, you’ll be left with an image that resembles the dog you see here. Color it up before showing your creation to your family and acquaintances.

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