How To Draw A Shield Step by Step -

How To Draw A Shield Step by Step

How To Draw A Shield Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin to draw the upper section of the shield using an array of curving lines. In this section is an “V” shaped circle. Draw a curved line along over the “V” to give the notch a 3D shape.

Step 2
Make use of a long, curving line to finish your shield’s top. On either edge of the groove draw a curving line that runs parallel to the contour, adding to the appearance of a three-dimensional design.

Step 3
Draw the sides of the shield by using two long curved lines and an “V” shaped line between them. Draw a curved line across that “V” shaped line to create a 3D shape.

Step 4
Draw an outline for the shield by drawing an extended, curving line. Draw curving lines that are parallel to the bottom and top on the shield. Draw lines that are short between them and the edges of the shield. This will contribute to the appearance of a three-dimensional design.

Step 5
Draw three connected curves roughly in line with the top and bottom faces of the shield. Then draw small ovals that are between the lines and along the edges that the shield. They are the studs which keep the shield in place.

Step 6
From the lines that you’ve drawn you can draw two curves that join at an intersection at the bottom. Draw more stud ovals on the edge of your shield.

Step 7
Utilize curved lines to draw an explosion across the front of the shield showing the previous damages. Draw curving vertical lines along the shield to indicate the planks of wood from which it was constructed.

Step 8
Draw circles in the middle of the shield, and erase the area as required. Draw more lines horizontally.

Step 9
Create curved lines that form wings at the center on the shield. Make an oval close to the outer edge of your circle.

Step 10
Coloring your Cartoon shield. In this example we’ve made the wood brown, and the metal parts grey. However, you can design your shield in any shade you like In the past, shields were often decorated with the crest, or symbol of a tribe or village.

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