Today, we’ll take a look at a shampoo bottle. It’s a useful item that can be found present in every bathroom. Let’s begin with this drawing tutorial, in which we’ll teach the user how to draw a shampoo step-by-step.

Step 1

The first step is to draw two rectangles. The lower rectangle must be more vertically elongated and the upper one should be larger.


Step 2

In this phase, we’ll begin working on the corners. On the top and bottom rectangles, we will draw rounded edges.

Step 3

Then we remove the lines that became unneeded following the actions of the earlier step. The result should be a neat image like the one we have shown.


Step 4

All we need to do is create shadows. Create a light shade in areas where light doesn’t fall. Make sure to draw an outline of the ground.

The lesson that we taught on drawing a haircut is over and we are hoping that everyone who reads our articles including the youngest can draw the same simple sketch. The next posts. Goodbye!

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