Hello everybody. In one of our previous lessons in drawing, we discussed all Super Nintendo. In this lesson, we will discuss the primary rival of SNES which was the Sega Genesis (or Sega Mega Drive). Their ferocious battle was like the battle between the reigning kings of the console generation currently that is Microsoft Xbox as well as PlayStation. Let’s begin with a lesson on drawing an Xbox controller. Sega Genesis.

Step 1
As in the course on SNES, we’ll first sketch out the main outline of the console’s body.

Step 2
Then we draw a sketch of an electronic gamepad (for many, it’s an extremely practical gamepad in the world) as well as a wire.

Step 3
Let’s go over the major aspects. Begin by sketching out the outline of the D-pad that is round to the left, and has six buttons on the right. Draw the details of the cartridge that is inside the Sega.

Step 4
With clear and dark lines, draw the contours and the details in the design that makeup Sega Genesis. Draw the contours and details using clear lines. Sega Genesis.

Step 5
The next step is to look at the gamepad. Create the outline for the D-pad’s shape as well as the buttons. Draw the lines in a way that is clear and gorgeous.

Step 6
It’s just a matter of making a few more shadows. Create hatching in the less-lit regions of the drawing.

Here we showed you how to draw a Sega Mega Drive. Are you interested in electronics like we do? If so, be sure to go to the relevant category on our site There you can find tutorials on gaming consoles but also other electronic devices including tablets and smartphones or tablet computers as well as an older-style television.

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