How to Draw a Seahorse

Many aspiring artists don’t know how to draw a seahorse properly. The seahorse is an unusual creature. This instruction will help you quickly and easily draw a seahorse.

According to different sources, there are approximately 50 species in this genus. Each one has its own unique characteristics. We have chosen to show the classic, most familiar look of the fish in this instructional.


Step 1

Let’s draw the seahorse. The head should be represented as a ball, and the torso an oval. The neck should be separated from the torso and head.




Step 2

The back should be drawn in a straight line. This will create a curving tail. This bend is why this fish is known as the sea horse, as you can see.




Step 3

For the neck, draw a short C-shaped line. Next, trace the front surface and contour of the tail using a long, smooth line.




Step 4

Now, draw the eyes. First, draw a circle around the eye. Next, draw a circle for the eye. To check the proportionality of your sketch, you can look at it through a mirror.




Step 5

With a few long lines, draw a long nose. Next, draw the uneven top and bottom of your head as in the example.




Step 6

We will begin drawing patterns on the seahorse’s body. First, draw long lines along the entire fish’s body.




Step 7

Draw a lot of transverse lines using short lines. These lines should be drawn keeping in mind the curves of your seahorse’s body.




Step 8

A small fin should be drawn on the back, where the torso meets with the tail. Make the fin texture by using a series of short lines. The fin’s edge should be slightly serrated and uneven.




Step 9

Remove all construction lines from the seahorse illustration. You can also outline your artwork using a pencil or another type of liner.




Step 10

While you can leave the seahorse illustration as it was in the previous stage of creation, it’s better to color it to make it more alive. Our seahorse drawing has been colored red. However, you can choose other colors, such as green or blue.




If you have already drawn a seahorse, then what should you do next? Do not stop there. Try to depict this rare animal in its natural habitat. Draw algae, stones, or other fish around the seahorse. You can then practice drawing the seahorse a few times, but with different poses and angles.


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