How to Draw a Seagull

The seagull is a well-known bird. Many of our readers have written to us asking for a tutorial to draw a seagull.

Because it lives close to water, this bird is known as a seagull. Seagulls also benefit from living near humans, as they often share many of the same benefits.

Gulls can be different in color and build depending on their habitat. We want to share the most well-known type of animal by the following tradition in this instruction.


Step 1

The head of the seagull is depicted as a ball, while the torso is an oval. You should leave a little space between your neck and your torso.




Step 2

Draw the neck of the seagull using two straight lines. The neck should be drawn closer to the torso. Then, draw three straight lines for a long tail.




Step 3

To depict the beak, go back to the head. The beak’s lower part should appear as an arc and the upper portion should appear like a curve that extends to the top of your head.




Step 4

Draw a line that separates the head and beak. Next, draw a line separating the head and the beak. Draw the nostril on the top of the beak.



Step 5

Draw a wing from the front of your torso to mid-tail using long, straight lines. We remind you that you can view the picture through a mirror to verify the proportionality.



Step 6

Draw the legs at the bottom of your body. There are two parts to each leg. The upper part of each leg should be shown in semicircles. The lower part, which looks like long, thin sticks, must then be depicted.



Step 7

This stage will show the feet and finish drawing the legs. Continue drawing the lines of the previous stage and draw long, pointed claws that end in jagged toes.



Step 8

To make the seagull look more real, draw the feathers. Begin by drawing long, straight lines of feathers. Next, draw transverse lines. Do not forget to add feathers to the tail.



Step 9

Give the seagull an elegant and more beautiful appearance. This will allow you to erase all construction lines that were drawn at the beginning of the drawing.



Step 10

Although the drawing can be kept in black and white it will look more convincing if you use colors. The gull’s legs and beak should be painted brown, while the body and beak can be painted yellow. Seagulls can come in many colors so you have the freedom to choose the right color for your bird.



Now that you have completed the ten steps of drawing a seagull, you will be able to draw it no worse than professional artists and illustrators. Don’t rush to put your pencil down. Try drawing seagulls in various conditions and poses to improve your skills. This will allow you to understand the subtleties of drawing this bird and improve your skills.

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