How to Draw a Seagull Easy || Bird Drawing Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw A Raptor (Dinosaur) Step by Step

Step 1

Draw the beak first as a small, pointed, curved triangle with an outline dot for the nostrils.

Step 2

Draw a semicircle around the beak, towards the right. For the neck, draw a small curve below the beak.

Step 3

Draw the eyes now by creating an almond shape with a dot in it.

Step 4

Start at the neck and draw the body. Begin by drawing a semicircle around the belly. Next, draw a faint line slightly higher for the fur.

Step 5

Now draw the wings by drawing a thin diagonal line horizontally at the center of your belly. Draw lines below it like wavy lines to make the feathers. This is a wing. Connect the head to this ruffle by drawing a line above it.

Step 6

The tail is now drawn as the triangular, ruffle at the end the body on the right side.

Step 7

Below the belly, draw two thin straw-like legs. Draw small triangles at the ends of each leg for your feet.


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