How to Draw a Sea Turtle

We’re sure that many of you are drawn drawing animals. This is the reason we came up with this guide to help you draw the sea turtle.


Step 1

In the beginning, we sketch the outline of the head and the torso that our turtle. The head outline is an oval. The body’s outline is similar to an oval shape, but it’s wider and flatters horizontally.




Step 2

Let’s add some more details to the head. Include the outline of the forehead’s protruding edges as well as a tiny line that divides the turtle’s mouth between the lower and upper jaws.




Step 3.

Turtles aren’t adorned with huge eyelids that are expressive. They look like a tiny oval running across the vertical. However, we can only see the eye socket which is unlike the human eye and is a bit more forward-looking.




Step 4

The turtle isn’t equipped with large, muscular legs. However, its feet are perfect to swim with. The turtle’s paws resemble fins found in the fish. Let’s draw the front legs of a pair that are tapering downwards.




Step 5

The shell is a great evolutionary development for turtles. We can sketch the outline of this huge armor. In this section, we’ll draw the bottom of the outer shell.




Step 6

We will continue our guide for drawing sea turtles. The hind paw is more similar to a fin than the front. Let’s draw this rounded form that is slightly expanded distally.




Step 7

In this stage, we will outline the largest areas inside the shell. It appears like huge flat plates that have smooth edges and straight edges. The lower part inside the shell has been created from a smaller plate.




Step 8

It’s possible to skip this step if didn’t intend to paint any designs on the skin of your turtle. We chose to paint dark, dark spots that contrast the paws and head of our turtle.




Step 9

This is important to ensure that you have a chance to review the steps you took in the prior steps. If you spot any errors make them right now. Then, you can eliminate the additional guidelines and continue using the colors.




Step 10

Turtles are quite inconspicuous creatures. While there are a variety of shades and colors found in the natural world, you can pick any scheme of color for your turtle. Shades darker than the base color can help you draw tiny shadows. The eye’s glare makes your drawing more vibrant.




We hope that it was simple. If you experience any issues in drawing, please contact us with your concerns. We’ll certainly consider your suggestions when we develop new guides.



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